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WD Elements WDBUZG0010BBK 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive

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WD Elements WDBUZG0010BBK 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive Reviews

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Tech Ninja
First time I saw Hard disk of such a big size and of small size at my seniors desk when they called me and my friends. I was there for some work but after arrival back at my room I did a lot of search on internet as I saw item first time and I also didn't know what was that. I just know name i.e WD (Western digital) written on it. By same word I got lot of information that It generates my interest to buy it. After some days I again visit same room and I ask Hard disk for 1 day and you didn't believe me that I can't even watch every folder in it. 1).Space is huge in it. 2). Speed is fast than faster and fastest. 3). Portable and so many extended features like it gives warrant of 3 years that forces me to buy.
It's a good product1. As the name says ULTRA, seriously this is the best hard disk wrt speed, Size and design. I am using USB 2.0 on my lap top, Backup on this drive gives me speed of 50mbps. i belive If I move to USB 3.0 I should get better speed. Downlaod speed is more than 100mbps. 2. No heating issues encountered from last 2 days of usage. 3. Has Good well builtin Securtiy softwares for additional safety. 4. Have seen people complained about the wire length but I felt the wire is good enough if you conect with lap top or desktop usage. Cons: 1. WD utility Backup feature really sucks. You cant manually locate the file on HD. SO I have to format and put for manual usage. Still 5 star for quality and WD's repo.
Tech Enthusiast
This WD hard disk is one of the best in its class. Short and handy it fits into the pocket. I have been owning this for quite a long time now. I have no problem with it yet. I may have dropped it a several times. But it is durable and strong.The plastic is sturdy and looks quite classy. The read and write speed are fast and being a USB 3.0 connection, my data transfer is around 40 MBps. So if you have to get a classy drive small enough, then Go for it!
Tech Junkie
The cutie pie ! :) The perfect external hard disk ! The USP : Speed Speed and Speed Oh God the device is really fast ! The data transfer happens at jet speed. The credit could have been given to USB3.0 but I have seen other USB3.0 devices that are a no match to WD when it comes to speed. Even when connected to a laptop with USB2.0 the device excels by touching close to 40-45Mbps speed. Looks a cutie pie - sleek,compact and a perfect fit to carry it wherever required. Pocket friendly, looks like a smart phone from the outset :) The inbuilt security feature, back up feature and with a brand of WD this stands out to be a go-and-buy product any day. Gets installed hassle free and is compatible with most of the devices. With a comfortable pricing and decent hardware quality the product is a good bet. A 10 on 10 for the product since I haven't found a glitch in it yet :) Hope this stays afloat !
Tech Junkie
Amazing product, though I have heard negative things about Western Digital, but which company has a fool-proof product these days.The device is damn light, lighter than my pocket phone. And the speed is blazingly-fast while reading/writing tasks. I also, got recommendations for this product from online reviews only, otherwise I would have been stuck by some Seagate or Sony. This product is the best, mark my words, no regret. The small form factor and the feel while holding, is no cheap plastic feeling. Under 4k, 1TB, from a brand, if you didn't consider this, you must have made/or going to make a wrong buy. But, make sure you have a USB 3.0 port to utilise this product fully and believe me not go for a 2 TB drive. Rather buy 2 of 1TB's each, which would cause minimal loss, if anyone fails.
Tech Junkie
Are you in search of a hard disk and confused to go with which one ,lets see some of the leading hard disk manufactures are seagate,Western Digital, transcend,toshiba. After using the seagate goflex for 3 years and at the end of it lost my data,and i learnt that the most of the external hard disks have the span of 3 years although depends upon the way you handle it,and it was necessary to make 2 backups of the important data. Coming to the point WD elements which i have bought recently for 4500 rupees is not up to the mark as i experienced heating problem after using it for 5 min, which i didnt experience in seagate before, the noise level for the WD elements is low , you cant hear it spinning until you bring it to the ear,remaining things on the par with others like copy speed, write speed my suggestion is to go with WD passport ultra as you will get a free pro version of the auto backup software added to the software and hardware encryption feature for a price tag more than 200 to 300 when compared to WD elements or go for seagate back up plus
Tech Junkie
Its been more than a half decade me using this hard disk, I never had an amazing experience with any gadget before this. I own a 1TB hard disk which help me in lots of lots cases. When i need backup of my laptop, When i am travelling to many places or i wish to see or listen my fav track so its help me a lot dere. Some of the pros are No heating issue Zero Maintenance cost Long Durable Wires Strong Bulit Case So i just wanna say in the last just grab this Hard disk asap.

WD Elements WDBUZG0010BBK 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive Specifications

WD Elements
Part Number
1 TB
USB 3.0
OS Supported
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac
Transfer Speed
USB 480 Mbps
Other Key Features
Shock Tolerant, USB Powered, Plug and Play, Operating Temperature Range 5 Deg C - 35 Deg C, Sleek and Light Weight Design, NTFS File Format System, Durable, Long-term Reliability, Storage Temperature Range -20 Deg C - 65 Deg C, Backward Compatibility with USB 2.0, Data Transfer Rate 5000 Mbit/s
3 Years Warranty
2.5 inch
82 x 111 x 15 mm
130 g
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