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Motorola Moto X 16GB
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The Motorola Moto X goes to show that to make an amazing phone, you don't need the beefiest specs, the meanest processor, the most pixel dense display or the most insane camera. All you need, is a very solid combination of hardware and software that works brilliantly. The active notifications that allow the user to glance at the screen to get a quick view of the notifications without unlocking the device makes brilliant use of the AMOLED display technology, and the use of the "X8 computing system" that listens for user commands are just a few examples of very well made software features rather than some gimmicks found on other devices. The device is beautifully designed, is a pleasure to hold in the hands, and the way the indentation at the back makes for a great rest for your index finger is a really great subtle touch that truly gives it a premium feel. The camera is lackluster though, but for a user experience that is by and larg... Read Full Review

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