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Sudharsan Sivaram

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Sennheiser HD 201 Headphone
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There are two schools of though when it comes to music accessories. One is that the design matters, the other is that the sound quality matters. I belong to the second school, mostly because I love my music and I want the best possible sound. I own this pair of headphones and I have used them for two distinct purposes, one is for listening to music and the other is for doing voice overs, both at home and in a studio. In both the environments they performed beautifully. So most importantly, the sound quality. In a studio, where most external noise is cancelled the true quality is realized. It provides perfect sound. For music as well it gives great sound. Normally in order to test headphones I listen to Obscura(extremely musically complex German band) to find out how well it works. The Sennheiser gives a sound so good that you can listen to each and every instrument without problem. For any type of music it is lovely. As for the ... Read Full Review

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