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HTC One M8 16 GB

HTC One M8 16 GB

by Anurag Ojha on 28 Jun, 2014
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Remember the first time you visited a .mobi site on your state of the art Nokia, or when you took that first grainy but absolutely spiffing photo from your new 1.3MP camera?Remember the thrill you felt course through your body? Those were the good old days, when each new iteration of a phone brought some crazy new feature with it and made the populace go crazy as well. The modern iteration of mobile phone dubbed "smartphones" can not only predict the weather for you but can also book you dinner reservation in that hard to get place. HTC One(M8) is another product from a once venerable company in an increasingly saturated market of smartphones, where companies use a wide array of gimmicks to distinguish themselves from the competition. So is the new HTC One another gimmick or does it deserve all the cooing you can give it? Let's find out. DISPLAY Lovely,gorgeous,beautiful. Three words that aptly describe this stunning, 5 inches of a... Read Full Review

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