Remember the first time you visited a .mobi site on your state of the art Nokia, or when you took that first grainy but absolutely spiffing photo from your new 1.3MP camera?Remember the thrill you felt course through your body? Those were the good old days, when each new iteration of a phone brought some crazy new feature with it and made the populace go crazy as well. The modern iteration of mobile phone dubbed "smartphones" can not only predict the weather for you but can also book you dinner reservation in that hard to get place. HTC One(M8) is another product from a once venerable company in an increasingly saturated market of smartphones, where companies use a wide array of gimmicks to distinguish themselves from the competition. So is the new HTC One another gimmick or does it deserve all the cooing you can give it? Let's find out. DISPLAY Lovely,gorgeous,beautiful. Three words that aptly describe this stunning, 5 inches of artistry. The 1080p screen with 441ppi is another jewel on the crown of HTC's engineers. You will be hard pressed to find a better display in the market in this segment. BATTERY LIFE The one sports a decent battery life, you can easily get 27-30 hours of backup from it. The extreme power saver mode(which essentially disables everything but the phone's texting feature and email) can get also get you a few more hours out of your phone. CAMERA The ultra-pixel camera increases the pixel size so as to gather more light which means it can capture some great low-light photos but it lags a lot behind the competitors when it comes to regular(read normal lighting) photographs. The 4MP camera just isn't up to the mark when it comes to modern smartphone cameras. PERFORMANCE With the new Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM, you can throw anything at this beast and it will not even break a sweat. Trust me, processing speed is one area where you just can't complain. It handles all the new games with relative ease, multi-tasking is a joy and the app-launch speed is blazing. Design It is the best looking Android phone on the market.Period.The curved metal sides,the round corners, the ergonomics.It is very difficult to describe how good this phone feels on your hands.The design of M8 is a winner. APP ECOSYSTEM The one uses a heavily skinned version of Android KitKat(4.4.2) and thus has access to the million of apps available on the play store. If you can think of an app the playstore has it.
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