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Audio Technica ATH M50 Headphone
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If you're an audiophile, chances are that you've heard of the Audio Technica ATH M50, as one of the best headphones you can get at this price point, and as a great set of headphones in general. It has thick, padded earcups that swivel on both axes, a single cord that terminates in a heavy duty plug, and the headphones fold up and can be stored. The design, overall, looks and feels like it will stand the test of time. The M50s top the charts in audiophile lists and polls all over the internet, and not without reason- the sound quality is brilliant, with a well balanced sound output, good detail levels and bass levels that aren't overpowering. If you're the kind of person that loves well balanced sound rather than an overpowered bass, look no further. The sound quality on these is comparable to headphones that are much more expensive, and they bring a richness and a level of refinement to every type of music you'll listen to, as compar... Read Full Review

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